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We’re in the business to pay your claims. In most cases, we pay claims within 24 hours of receiving required information, always treating you with utmost care, respect and consideration. We hope to make a difficult time in your life just a little easier.

If your loved one was a member of the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society, please call them at (866) 571-2772, 24 hours a day to report their death. For all other member services, please call during regular business hours, 8:30am-5:00pm EST.

To report your claim by phone, call our service center at (855) 706-2396 .

When you call, please have the following information on hand:

  • Name of the deceased.
  • The policy number(s).
  • The date of death.

Our service center will walk you through the claims process and answer any questions you may have. For most death claims, we’ll need a certified copy of the insured’s death certificate and the original policy. For most accidental death claims, we’ll also need any accident, autopsy, or toxicology reports. If your situation requires any additional forms, we’ll fax or mail them to you, the beneficiary or the funeral home, for your convenience.

To report your claim by mail, fax or e-mail.

MAIL to: Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance, PO Box 29045, Phoenix, AZ 85038

FAX to: (602) 808-8845

E-MAIL to: claims@londen-insurance.com

If you choose to report a claim using one of these methods, please be sure to complete a Claim Form in its entirety. Pay close attention to the beneficiary section — we may need to contact the beneficiary if we have any questions. We’ll need a certified copy of the insured’s death certificate and the original policy.

For dismemberment claims, the documentation needed varies with the circumstances of the loss. Any medical and /or accident reports you can provide for review will be helpful. If you have any questions, please call the service center at (855) 706 – 2396.

What does “Assigning a Policy” mean?’

When the beneficiary of a policy decides to assign the proceeds, they’re instructing us to pay all, or a portion, of the death benefit directly to a funeral home to fund funeral services. For many, this is a simple way to reduce the stress of funeral planning. If you’d like to assign your policy, we recommend you contact the funeral home that will be performing services, and let them know your intentions.

When can I expect to receive the benefits?

In most cases, we issue the benefit check within 24 hours (or the following business day) of receiving the documents needed for the claim. We use standard mail so it may take about a week for the check to arrive. Sometimes, we can even overnight the proceeds (overnight fee will be deducted from the benefit check) or direct deposit them into an account. If you would like us to use one of these methods, please instruct us to do so when you call in the claim.

What if I can’t find the original policy?”

If the original policy can not be found, please include a signed statement that the policy has been lost or destroyed with the claim submission. Should the policy turn up at a later date, we simply ask that you destroy it.

How can I determine the beneficiary?

As long as the insured is still living, the owner of a policy can change the beneficiary at anytime. Because of this, the beneficiary stated on the original application may not be the current beneficiary. Always verify beneficiary information with us. In most cases, you can use the following as a guide to determine who the beneficiary is:

  • If the primary beneficiary is alive (or was alive at the time of the insured’s passing), they are the beneficiary of the policy.
  • If the primary beneficiary passed away prior to the insured, the beneficiary is the contingent beneficiary.
  • If there is no surviving beneficiary or no stated beneficiary, the beneficiary will either be the owner of policy or the estate of the insured depending on the provisions of the policy.

The beneficiary is the estate. What are my options?

There are several options available to you. We can pay proceeds directly to the estate. Or the executor of the estate can assign the proceeds to a funeral home. If there is no executor or estate, the family can assign the proceeds to a funeral home using an affidavit of next of kin. If this is the case, please contact the claims center at (855) 706-2396  for further instructions. If there is no executor or estate, and the funeral has already been paid for, please contact the claims center at (855) 706-2396 for more information.

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