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Corporate Office Career Opportunities


You are about to embark on an opportunity to become associated with one of the most unique companies you'll ever find! In this world of selfishness and apathy, there is still one organization that truly cares about their home office associates.

We place and promote the right person to the right position, regardless of race, gender, economic or educational background. Associates are judged on the merits of their performance.

Strategically placing the right knowledge, interest, personality, intelligence, and enthusiasm creates a strong foundation. Our home office team stands out as being one of the best in the industry, because we encourage and reward individuals for utilizing their natural talents and gifts.

Take the first step towards joining the Lincoln Heritage & Londen Insurance Group Home Office team in Phoenix, Arizona today!

Send your résumé to

We believe in the power of the individual. Committees and consensus can only do so much; there is a time and place for bold action by an individual who wants to rise above the rest.