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Final Expense Insurance Agent Jobs & Sales Opportunities


We are the Leading Final Expense Company specializing in Whole Life Insurance & Funeral Assistance Services

55+ Years

of service in the life insurance industry


amount in claims paid to families in 2018


current in-force policy value


exclusive branded mail, TV, and digital leads per year


policy qualification



agent commissions paid in 24 hours


approved claims paid in just 1 day


in-force policies

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Starting a new final expense career

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company® has been the national leader of agent produced final expense life insurance for most of our 50+ years in business. This is only possible because of the incredible agents we work with every day. Our agents come from all walks of life - some have decades of experience and some have none! Whatever your background, we're excited you're here. We want to partner with you to represent and distribute our revolutionary final expense insurance products to the expanding senior market. The time has never been better to start selling final expense insurance. The market has seen unprecedented growth and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

The simplicity of the product makes it easy for anyone to sell. Because the policies are smaller in value (usually no more than $10,000 - $15,000), the underwriting process takes days – not weeks. With Lincoln Heritage, you’ll use a 1-page application and there are no medical exams for your clients to qualify. We issue coverage based on the applicant’s answers to health questions.

As a Lincoln Heritage life insurance agent, you’ll be responsible for setting your own schedule and working as often as you’d like. You’re the boss!

Best of all, from the very beginning you’ll receive hands-on training from a local field agency to help you understand the market, the product, and how to make your sales presentation. The process couldn’t be easier.

So no matter where you’re coming from in life, we’ll do everything we can to make your new career the best you’ve ever had.

What makes Lincoln Heritage unique?

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company® began as a true “Mom and Pop” operation. Our founder, Jack Londen, would knock on doors to sell final expense policies while his wife Dodie typed up the policies and billing statements – literally from their own home. Over time, Jack added more and more agents to his “home” office and the field, and began the long process of building the company into what it is today.

The foundation of Lincoln Heritage has always been built on solid, personal relationships with our field agents. As an agent-founded company, agents are our primary customer. Our founder knew that if he took care of the agent, everything else would follow. This agent-first approach is how we’ve become the largest final expense company in the nation – and we’re still growing!

As a Lincoln Heritage agent, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • A 24-hour underwriting line to help you write your business.
  • Live representatives from our Phoenix office answer every call, every time. There are no automated machines or voice prompts.
  • Our industry leading SecureApp™ gets your business underwritten and issued faster than ever and reduces the amount of time you spend following up with clients. This helps you to do what you do best – write new business!
  • An annual luxurious contest trip for production winners. Past trips include Scotland, Hawaii, Germany, Costa Rica, Panama, Cancun, and Canada.
  • An exclusive in-house lead program that’s responsible for over $160 million in agent sales a year.

Another reason we are unique is that we’re family owned and operated. As such, we don’t answer to the quarterly demands of Wall Street. We set our own course and operate according to the values that have made us who we are today. That means service to you – the agent – will always be our top priority.

As the national leader of agent produced final expense insurance for seniors for most of our 55+ years in business, we operate in 49 states with over 1 million policies in-force valued at more than $8 billion.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an A.M. Best Rating of A-(Excellent). A.M. Best is an organization that evaluates the financial strength of insurance companies.

These ratings are only possible because of the incredible agents we work with every day. Our agents come from all walks of life – some have decades of experience and some have none! Whatever your background, we want to partner with you!

What makes Funeral Advantage unique?

Final expense policies are a dime a dozen. Most insurance companies offer several types of life insurance like term insurance and variable insurance and they write final expense on the side.

At Lincoln Heritage, final expense is all we do - and we’ve been doing it for over 55 years. As such, we have the best product on the market: Funeral Advantage. Funeral Advantage is much more than a final expense policy. It’s a program that offers your client what no other plan can: price-shopping of final wishes.

A lot of life insurance companies have tried to copy Funeral Advantage, but we are the only final expense program with access to the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society® (FCGS). The FCGS is an independent senior consumer advocate organization that helps its members save hundreds - even thousands - of dollars on their funeral. Every Funeral Advantage policy comes with a free membership to the FCGS, ensuring your clients have the price-shopping services they deserve. No other life insurance product on the market offers this service. With Funeral Advantage, you’re going to close more sales and keep more business on the books.

Learn more about Funeral Advantage

Final expense insurance sales training

One of the number one reasons people struggle with sales jobs is they never received adequate training. There’s no question sales can be tough, but with the right training and the right mindset, the financial opportunities are endless.

At Lincoln Heritage, we ensure you receive the best training possible. As a Lincoln Heritage agent you’ll be assigned to a local agency that is responsible for 100% of your training to ensure you receive the best care possible from start to finish. Every agency is different and tailors their specific sales approach to the community they serve. Some will train you in an office setting, others will train you in the field, and others will go on sales calls with you.

In addition to the training you’ll receive from your local agency, we provide you with multiple online tools to help you manage your business, including UPS overnight discounts to ensure your business is delivered as quickly as possible.

Finally, all sales materials (envelopes, applications, brochures, folders, etc.) are available to agents free of charge.

Lincoln Heritage final expense lead system

The most important piece of any sales job is having prospects to talk to. Leads are the lifeblood of the insurance agent, which is why Lincoln Heritage has the largest in-house final expense lead program in the country. Our lead program is financed to our agents and is responsible for generating over $160 million in production a year.

A smarter marketing strategy across traditional media channels including broadcast and direct mail, plus an explosive increase in our digital lead volume has helped us deliver the incredible growth in production over the last decade.

Agents must be committed to working full-time to participate in our financed lead program.

Final expense sales benefits

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should join the Lincoln Heritage sales team:

  • Same day advances and renewal commissions
  • Proven lead system – TV, direct mail, and digital
  • Simplified and liberal underwriting
  • 1-page insurance application
  • Exotic incentive trips for contest winners
  • Competitive group benefits: Health and dental for you and your family with qualifying production
  • Extraordinary home office support
  • 24-hour underwriting and claims assistance
  • Live help line
  • Fast claim service

Local agency directors often have their own list of benefits and incentives for their agents, including cash bonuses, Rolex watches, free leads, incentive trips, and even cars!

How much does a final expense agent make?

Last year alone, we paid over $197 million in compensation to agents. When it comes to how much you can make, you’re in charge! We have agents that make over six figures their first year selling final expense. The opportunity is limitless for those who want it.