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How Can I Get a Life Insurance Quote?

Insurance file with calculator, pen, coins and glass jarWhen shopping for life insurance, you’ll find that some insurance providers ask you to take an extensive medical exam – while others simply ask a few health questions. Regardless of the approach they take, insurance providers are simply trying to determine how much risk you’d present if you took out a policy with them.

As you shop around for life insurance rates, it’s always a good idea to know what factors can determine the rates you’re given. Knowing these can help you feel better prepared as you compare policies, benefits, and costs.

What affects life insurance rates?

Insurance companies consider a variety of things when considering what rate to charge. Your gender, age, and overall health are the most influential factors when getting a life insurance quote. Insurers will often check what medications you’ve taken in the past and may require you to give a blood sample depending on the policy you’re trying to qualify for.

For the most part, the younger you are the lower your premiums. Because women tend to live longer than men do, their rates tend to be lower because the insurance company collects more premium from them.

If you’re a smoker, you’ll most likely pay higher rates no matter what insurance company you choose. Your health and weight are also important factors in determining your life insurance rates, and conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other lifestyle-related illness are also considered.

Adding regular exercise to your lifestyle, getting any blood pressure or cholesterol counts under control, and adopting a healthier diet can all help you qualify for better insurance rates.


Getting the best rate

Even if you anticipate high life insurance rates, there are still ways to reduce your costs. Don't put off purchasing life insurance because you assume you can’t qualify or afford the premiums. Many providers offer options for higher-risk clients on fixed incomes.

Shop around

To get the best life insurance quote, it’s critical to do your homework ahead of time. Start by searching online for life insurance quotes. Most companies will offer a free quote or consultation and are usually willing to give you any information you need to make an informed decision. Comparing different policies gives you a feel for which company is best suited to your specific needs.

Think about more than price

Of course the quotes you receive will play a big role in your decision, but be sure to look at more than just the cost. Getting the “best” policy means more than just getting the lowest premium. Whether you’re looking for whole life insurance or term life insurance, choose a policy you can afford that fits your needs and your financial situation. Ensure whatever policy you choose can cover end-of-life expenses, such as medical bills and funeral costs.

Check with your employer

Many employers offer life insurance as part of their benefits programs, and many of these do not require a medical exam. However, there are often limits on the value of the policy.

Even if your employer does offer life insurance, it may not cover all your needs.

Next steps

If you’re looking for an affordable policy that can help you cover your final expenses, learn more about the Funeral Advantage™ program. It’s the leading final expense insurance provider in the country and doesn’t require a medical exam to qualify – just answer health questions on our one-page application.