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Final Expense and Burial Insurance in Arkansas

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In 2021, the national median cost of a funeral with a burial was $9,420, including the price of a vault. The cost of cremation was $6,971. The figures come from a study conducted by the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). While funeral costs are not matching inflation rates, they are nonetheless increasing: Over the last five years, the price for a funeral with burial has risen by 6.6%, while the price for a funeral with cremation has risen by 11.3%. The NFDA also reports the average price of funerals in each state.

This article will focus on funeral prices in Arkansas.

How to Get Burial Insurance in Arkansas

Are you ready to begin the steps to get your final expense insurance policy? If so, there are a few things you should do. For starters, it’s important to find an insurance company that you can trust. You will have a few choices, but not all of them are the same. Look for an insurer that has been in business for a long time and has built up a reputation for providing the best insurance policies to their customers.

Next, it’s time to reach out to that insurance company and get a quote. Remember, your quote will depend on whether or not you choose to take a medical exam and your age, sex, and health. If you want to speak to one of the leading and most trusted insurers, contact Lincoln Heritage. You can get a quote online and then speak to one of their knowledgeable representatives who will give you all the information you need.

Funeral and Burial Expectations in Arkansas

The median cost of a funeral in Arkansas is $6,680. That cost includes a casket that costs $1,500 and the national average price of a vault of $1,507. The other things that make up the cost are:

  • A non-declinable basic services fee
  • Removal and/or transfer of remains to the funeral home
  • Embalming
  • Other preparation of the body
  • Use of the facilities and staff for the viewing
  • Use of the facilities and staff for the funeral ceremony
  • Use of the service car or van
  • Printed materials such as the memorial package
  • Vault
  • Cremation fee (if the funeral home uses a third party)
  • Cremation casket
  • Urn

Arkansas law allows loved ones of the deceased to act on their behalf if they do not want to hire a funeral director. In fact, the law allows the coroner to deliver the body to the loved ones instead of to a funeral home.

Death Certificate

The loved ones are also able to file the death certificate if a funeral director will not do it. First, the medical examiner, medical doctor, or another medical professional must complete the medical portion of the death certificate within two days of the death. Then, the death certificate must be filed with the local or state vital records office within 10 days of the death. Arkansas has an electronic filing system, but if you are filing the death certificate yourself, you must go to the vital records office to begin the process.


The state of Arkansas requires that a body be embalmed if the final disposition will not take place for 24 hours, or in the case of cremation, within 48 hours. If the body will be transported by a common carrier, it must either be embalmed or put inside a sealed container.

Burial Requirements

Arkansas has rules that mandate that a body is buried in an established cemetery. But you can take steps to establish a cemetery on your private land. First, you should check your zoning laws to ensure you can establish one on your property. If there are no restrictions, you should contact the local health department and the county clerk for more information.

Cremation Services

If you want to arrange for a cremation, Arkansas law does not allow the public to arrange for it. Instead, you will have to go through a funeral director.

Once a body is cremated, you can scatter the ashes on private land or in a scattering garden without asking anyone’s permission. You can also scatter ashes on public property, such as a park, and you can choose to ask permission if you want. To scatter ashes at sea, make sure that you are at least three miles from the shore. And if you want to scatter ashes by air, it is legal as long as you scatter the ashes only and do not throw the urn with the ashes.

Average Funeral Costs in Arkansas

The amount you will pay for a funeral in Arkansas depends on where you live and what type of funeral you want. For instance, it will change depending on whether you want a memorial, flowers, or other things.

Here are samples of the costs of funerals in two Arkansas cities.

The average cost of a funeral in Fayetteville is $6,480. The general prices in Fayetteville are:

Service Average Cost
Basic services $1,668
Visitation and viewing $253
Ceremony $408
Graveside service $127
Remains transportation $247
Direct burial $318
Direct cremation $1,360
Embalming $527
Vault $1,572

The average price for a funeral in Batesville is $6,089. The general prices in Batesville are:

Service Average Cost
Basic services $1,668
Visitation and viewing $288
Ceremony $436
Remains transportation $263
Direct burial $250
Direct cremation $1,223
Embalming $389
Vault $1,572

The above tables are examples of funeral costs in those two cities. To find the typical costs in your area, contact funeral homes near you.

A Note About Vaults

Today, most cemeteries require burial sites to be equipped with an outer grave liner, called a vault. The vault ensures that the graveside will not collapse under the weight of the soil and machinery. But the price you pay for the vault will be determined by what you choose.

Here are the typical costs of the various types of vaults.

  • Basic, unlined concrete grave liner: $400 and $1,500
  • Basic plastic- or steel-reinforced sealed concrete vault: $600-$2,000
  • Double-reinforced vault of heavy concrete lined with plastic, porcelain enamel, or metal: $2,000-$4,000
  • Premium metal burial vaults or vaults covered with a veneer of fake marble or granite: $2,000-$16,000+
  • Protective urn vaults for cremains: $125-$900+

Help With Funeral Costs in Arkansas

Funerals are expensive, and unfortunately, they are going up in price every year. But most people don’t think about the rising costs of funerals until they are faced with one. Luckily, there are some ways you can plan for them and get help with the cost. Here are four ways you can get help in paying for the costs.

Term Insurance

Term life insurance is the least expensive type of policy – but there is a reason for that. A term life insurance policy is good for the term that you sign on for. For instance, you can purchase a 10-year term policy that will expire in 10 years. But here’s the catch: Once that policy expires, you are ten years older and possibly in poorer health. This means that, when you renew your policy, you will pay more in premiums.

Final Expense Insurance

If you want to purchase an insurance policy that does not expire as long as you pay the premiums, you can consider a whole-life policy – specifically, a final expense insurance policy, also known as burial insurance or funeral insurance. These whole-life policies are designed to help pay for your funeral expenses and any other final bills that you have. The face value of these policies is typically $20,000 or less.

Pre-need Insurance

Another way you can ensure your final expenses are paid for is by purchasing a pre-need plan. But when you look at these plans, it’s important to do your research. The plans are offered by funeral homes, and they allow you to preplan your funeral and pay for it in advance. There are two types of plans that you can purchase.

The first is a guaranteed plan. With this type of plan, you will plan your funeral, and the funeral director will estimate the costs of the funeral based on your expected lifespan and the projected inflation rates for that time. With this plan, you are guaranteed to get the funeral you plan, no matter how much it sells for at the time of your death.

The other type of plan you can purchase is a non-guaranteed plan. With this type of plan, you plan the funeral you want and pay for it at today’s rates. Once you pass, your loved ones will be able to use the amount of money you provided in the plan. If costs have gone up, they may have to change your planned funeral to accommodate higher prices. If they want to provide you with the funeral you planned, they may have to contribute financially to make up for the difference.

Government Assistance

If you need help covering the costs of a funeral, you may be able to get help from the federal and local governments. For instance, the Social Security Administration provides a one-time payment of $255 to qualifying children or surviving spouses of the deceased.

Additionally, some Arkansas counties may offer some limited help. While the state does not have an assistance program to help cover funeral costs, the county you live in might. The funds are distributed through county judges who can offer “pauper funds.” These funds are reserved for those who are considered indigent and need help with funeral costs. To find out if you qualify, contact the county judges in your county.

Average Overall Rates for Final Expense Insurance in Arkansas

If you think that final expense insurance is the best way to ensure that your loved ones aren’t financially responsible for your burial and other expenses, your next step is to find out what one of these policies will cost. As with most insurance policies, the premium you pay will depend on your age, sex, and health.

Check out these sample rates based on age and sex.

Monthly Premium Rates for Men*

$5,000 Death Benefit

  Age Determined 'In Good Health' by Insurer No Health Questions Asked
50 $16 $20
55 $19 $24
60 $23 $29
65 $29 $35
70 $38 $44
75 $51 $63
80 $65 $82

* Estimated rates do not reflect the rates of any particular life insurance company.

$10,000 Death Benefit

  Age Determined 'In Good Health' by Insurer No Health Questions Asked
50 $30 $40
55 $35 $46
60 $43 $57
65 $56 $68
70 $74 $88
75 $100 $125
80 $126 $162

* Estimated rates do not reflect the rates of any particular life insurance company.

Monthly Premium Rates for Women*

$5,000 Death Benefit

  Age Determined 'In Good Health' by Insurer No Health Questions Asked
50 $14 $15
55 $16 $18
60 $18 $24
65 $22 $28
70 $28 $35
75 $38 $46
80 $48 $64

* Estimated rates do not reflect the rates of any particular life insurance company.

$10,000 Death Benefit

  Age Determined 'In Good Health' by Insurer No Health Questions Asked
50 $25 $28
55 $28 $36
60 $33 $45
65 $41 $55
70 $53 $69
75 $72 $90
80 $93 $126

* Estimated rates do not reflect the rates of any particular life insurance company.

Leading Causes of Death in Arkansas

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading causes of death in Arkansas are:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases
  4. Accidents
  5. Stroke
  6. Alzheimer’s disease
  7. Diabetes
  8. Kidney disease
  9. Influenza/pneumonia
  10. Suicide

No Exam in Arkansas

You will have the choice not to sit for a medical exam when applying for final expense insurance. Instead of the exam, you will only have to answer some health questions issued by the insurer.

Free Look Period

Unlike many other states, Arkansas does not mandate a free look period for insurance policies. Instead, it relies on the insurers to provide this free look period for buyers. Most insurance companies offer a time frame where consumers can decide they do not want the policy after looking at it. Those time frames typically last from 7 to 30 days. If you purchase an insurance policy in Arkansas, be sure to confirm that your insurer offers this free look period, since the state does not require it.